How to Make an Anime LEGO Figure

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    • 1). Print out pictures of the anime character you want to transform into a LEGO figure. Find images online or pause a DVD of the anime to use as a reference point for your figure's creation.

    • 2). Download a minifigure body template. This template features areas for each surface of the LEGO figure that you can customize. (See "Resources")

    • 3). Print the body template onto sticker paper. Note the template has areas for the head, torso, arms and legs of a LEGO figure.

    • 4). Color in the sections of the template to match how your anime character looks and dresses. For example, if you're creating an anime figure of Heero Yuy of "Gundam Wing," you can color the torso sticker green to make his signature tank top and the leg stickers blue for his shorts. Color flesh tones on any area of the stickers where your character would have exposed skin.

    • 5). Draw the eyes, nose, and mouth onto the long rectangular sticker. Note how your anime character looks--perhaps he has wide eyes like Ash from the "Pokemon" anime or rectangular squinted eyes like Brock from the same anime.

    • 6). Cut around the body template stickers. Peel off the backing and place them onto an old LEGO minifigure, covering any existing decals or stickers.

    • 7). Remove a clump of a colored modeling clay that matches the hair color of your anime character. Place the clump on the top of the LEGO figure's head.

    • 8). Mold the clay to match the hairstyle of your figure. Use a utility knife to slice away excess clay for a detailed hairpiece. Allow the clay to dry on the head of your figure.

    • 9). Add your anime LEGO figure into your LEGO settings or create more figures from the same anime.

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