How to Use Sahara Grass Killer

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    • 1). Move any objects from the area where you want to spray or lay the Sahara herbicide. This includes furniture, toys, vehicles and any lawn decorations. Remove all plants from the area that you do not want killed.

    • 2). Consider removing any grass or plants that are in the soil to another location. Move them with a shovel or trowel to another part of your yard or garden.

    • 3). Remove any rocks or large weeds from the area. The soil should be rock-, stick-, leaf- and weed-free. Rake the area to level the soil and prepare for the Sahara application.

    • 4). Place the Sahara herbicide into the appropriate dispenser. If you are using granules, place the herbicide into the push fertilizer cart. If you are using the spray, place the spray into the spray bottle or container.

    • 5). Lay or spray the herbicide carefully over the area where you want to kill the plants. Try not to spray or place the weed killer in any area that you do not want dead. Wherever the herbicide is laid, the plants will die.

    • 6). Come back to the same area two to three days later. The plants should now be dead. If some remain, apply another application of the weed killer. Wait two more days and return again.

    • 7). Remove the dead weeds and grass from the area with a shovel. Cover the dirt with sand, rocks, cement, mulch or whatever material you want to place in that area. Weeds will come back after a few weeks if you do not cover the area.

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