The Best Places to Work

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I guess if you are like one of the many who belongs to a particular career, will from time to time think of where is the best place to work.
To most, the definition of the best place to work probably consists of factors such as flexible hour, steady pay, no formal clothes etc.
I have always taken a more systematic approach than seems popular to some.
For me, finding the best places to work is very crucial.
I have had my fair share of too many lousy jobs early on in my career to ignore the obvious: that having a healthy workplace is at least as important as having good money, and then having a good community is more important than either of these things put together.
After all, this is your life right now.
You want to enjoy it, and not just wait around to die while acting as a drone in an office you hate and yet have to go everyday.
There are, of course, some places known as the so call best companies that one can work for.
If you're fortunate enough to be employed by one of these, well, congratulations my friend.
For the rest of us, however, we can only expect to find the best places to work in very much relative terms.
It varies a lot from individual to individual, so it is important to know yourself on what you like to do and what you like around you.
Then again, the best places to work seem to have certain factors for most.
One of them, of course, is certainly good pay.
Lets face it all, if you aren't being paid what you need or deserve for your job, you are not going to be happy very quickly when the monthly bills start piling up.
Another important thing for most people is a comfortable office environment with a very supportive and understanding boss.
Being in a nasty work environment where people are constantly sniping and barking at each other will grind down anyone quickly and cause a burnout very quickly.
Above all, however, it all comes down to what you want out of your workplace environment.
I for one value freedom and flexibility above all else.
What about you?
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