It is Cheaper to Holiday Abroad Than in the UK

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If you were asked where the cheapest place to have a holiday would be I think you would go along with most other people and say stay here in the UK to get the cheapest holiday.
However it turns out the price of a holiday in Turkey is the lowest.
While the cost of a self-catering week in the UK is good value, once you add in the daily cost of shopping for food and other holiday essentials and small luxuries you will find the cost in the UK is far higher than it is in Turkey.
Thus the total cost of a holiday in the UK turns out to be far more expensive than many would think.
Going with an all inclusive holiday means you know exactly what you are spending before you leave for the majority of your costs and can not only save you more money than buying separately but gives you the piece of mind that you know you can afford the holiday.
If you don't fancy Turkey then have a look at prices for holidays in Egypt, Greece, Portugal and the Canary Islands which are the next best value locations.
We are receiving a lot of conflicting information such as stay out of the Euro zone because of the low exchange rate for Sterling Pound to Euro however the cost of a cheaper shopping basket and the availability of cheaper hotel rooms in locations such as Spain makes up for the lower amount in currency you would receive.
As it looks like the so called 'barbeque summer' will no longer happen and the UK will suffer plenty of rain and poor weather you can holiday abroad this year and not only pretty much guarantee sunshine if you go to Turkey or one of the other cheap locations but the overall cost of the holiday will be cheaper than in the UK.
We are almost into August so time is running out to book cheap holidays however if you have the time do a bit of research on holiday deals; don't accept the first one that comes along as there are many bargains to be had.
If you can avoid school holidays then you can find even cheaper holidays.
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