Cemetery Headstone DIY

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    • 1). Build a headstone frame from wood two-by-fours. The wood does not need to be treated. The height of the headstone should be no more than 20 inches, and the width no more than 15. Screw the boards together to form the frame.

    • 2). Cut a piece of plywood the same size as the headstone frame and screw onto the back of the frame.

    • 3). Spray non-stick cooking spray on the plywood on the inside of the headstone frame. This will keep the concrete from sticking to the plywood as it hardens. Make sure to saturate the wood with the non-stick spray. More is always better in this case.

    • 4). Mix the quick-set mortar and water together per the manufacturer's instructions in a 5-gallon bucket. The mortar should be the consistency of pancake or cake batter. Stir the mortar for several minutes to remove any clumps or unmixed mortar and water.

    • 5). Pour the quick-set mortar into the headstone frame. Shake and tap the sides of the headstone to level the mortar and make sure it settles in all areas of the headstone frame.

    • 6). Allow the mortar mixture to harden and dry; this may take anywhere from 24 to 48 hours. Once dry, flip the headstone over so that the plywood is face up and the headstone is facing the ground. Gently tap the plywood and headstone frame to release the stone from the frame.

    • 7). Tape stencil letters onto the headstone in form of the message or inscription you wish the headstone to have.

    • 8). Spray-paint the stencils and allow the paint to dry. Remove the stencils for a completed headstone.

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