Top Five Networking Traits

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I came across a survey that I found very interesting and right on the money.
The survey was taken in several different parts of the country and even some parts of the world and the results were almost identical to what I believe and talk about regularly! Even though most of us know we should be giving referrals and helping others, it is often hard to remember since we are worried about making our own quotas when it comes to closing sales.
I promise you, being more "aggressive" in trying to make the sale is not the answer.
I do believe it is important to have a plan of activities for yourself to proactively go after new business but these 5 traits are what will keep them coming and must be a part of your overall activity plan.
  1. Follows Up on all Referrals.
    It seems to be a "no-brainer" to follow-up on referrals that are given to you but believe it or not this the number one reason we get more referrals.
    Don't just receive a referral with a thank you but really follow-up on it.
    If you don't get anywhere, contact the referral giver back and let them know what happened and ask for their help.
  2. A Positive Attitude.
    Enthusiastic people and ones who look at the bright side before the dark are people others want to be around.
    Being positive is a trait that will help you look past things like, a soft economy, a new competitor and other walls that seem to be put up all around.
    The glasses you look through are up to you.
    Choose to be positive and remember it is a choice.
  3. A Good Listener/Asks Questions.
    There is a reason that you have 2 ears and one mouth, use proportionally.
    People bond with people that show a genuine interest in them.
    You show an interest by asking about them; their job, their family etc.
    It's not about you, until it's about them.
  4. Trustworthy.
    Interestingly enough, people trust you when you show a genuine interest in them.
    Make sure you can go to bed at night knowing that you did the right thing.
    When you can say that, others will feel that as well.
    Trust comes from this concept.
  5. Recognize and align yourself with others who you can give referrals to and understand the exchange of referrals and how it works, in other words, people who are good strategic alliances for you.
I am going to add one that I don't see here which is ASK! If we aren't getting referrals it is because we aren't asking and even more often not asking properly.
Make sure when asking for referrals you are specific in your description of what a good referral is.
Create a picture in someone's mind so when they see or hear something it will trigger you for a referral.
When you think about who you know that is a great networker, someone who not only does business by referrals but you would be proud and happy to give a referral to them, do they have these traits? I am betting they do.
Keep these in mind and ask yourself, "Do I have all of these traits?"
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