How to Do Automatic Numbering of Lines in a Word Perfect Table

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    • 1). Open a blank or existing document in WordPerfect.

    • 2). Click within the table you've created. To create a table, select "Table" and "Create." Choose the "Table" option and the desired number of columns and rows. Then click "OK."

    • 3). Select the text you want to edit and click on "Tools" and "Quick Correct." The "QuickCorrect" dialog box will open.

    • 4). Go to the "Format-As-You-Go Choices" section, then "Format-As-You-Go." Add a checkmark to "QuickBullets-Lists and Outlines created as you type." Then click "OK" to accept the changes.

    • 5). Select the contents of your table where the numbered bullets will be added. Click on the arrow beside the "Numbering-Create numbered lists and outlines" button in the toolbar.

    • 6). Choose the numbering format you want in the "Numbers" tab of the "Bullets & Numbering" dialog, then click "OK." You'll be returned to your WordPerfect table.

    • 7). Add additional entries into your table and press the "Enter" key to separate each line. Automatic numbering will be added to your lines.

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