Cheerleading on Your Hen Weekend

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A hen party is all about getting your favourite girls together, relaxing and having fun.
Whether you choose just one night or a whole weekend of entertainment, you'll want to choose activities that give you plenty of laughs and let you enjoy each other's company.
If you're looking for something a little bit different than your traditional pamper and relax hen weekend, you might be interested in finding out more about a cheerleading weekend! What is Cheerleading? Cheerleading squads are used to encourage crowds at sporting events to shout and encourage their team to win.
Their dance performances usually last between 1 to 3 minutes but you'd be surprised at how many impressive moves can be fit into such a short space of time.
Cheerleading squads are probably most well known for supporting American Football and Basketball teams but they can be seen supporting other sports as well.
Many of us will have seen cheerleading squads at live sporting events or on the television and the act of cheerleading has now become a sport in itself with over 1.
5 million cheerleaders in the US alone! Squads train hard and then compete against each other trying to win based on their routines.
Cheerleading is an energetic way to get all your girls involved in fun on your hen weekend and is certain to be something you'll remember.
How does Cheerleading work? Cheerleaders work together in groups performing organised routines to music using pom poms to shake and emphasise their routine moves.
Physically it can be quite demanding so if you choose an activity like this on your hen weekend you can expect to get the blood pumping.
Don't worry about being perfect however, as the real reason you would choose cheerleading is to throw in some cheer and fun into your hen weekend! If you do choose this activity you will want to make sure you and the girls are dressed comfortably for a sporty activity.
Make sure you have suitable footwear and comfortable loose fitting clothing that will allow you to step, kick, twist and turn to music whilst shaking your pom pom! What can I expect on a Cheerleading hen weekend? Routines for cheerleading can range from a few simple steps to elaborate sequences with cheerleaders stacking themselves high on each other's shoulders.
If this is your first time, there is just as much fun had learning the starting steps as there are in the more complicated routines.
Cheerleading is great for getting the girls to bond on your hen weekend and as a group activity it encourages team building.
This is a perfect ice breaker for groups and gives you plenty to talk and laugh about! It's no wonder cheerleading is popular as it mixes in perfect proportion great music and funky dance moves.
If you and the girls choose cheerleading for your hen weekend you might even be able to show off what you've learned on the dance floor at night.
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