Are You Living Your SACRED Purpose?

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In my last article I revealed the power of having a Soul-centered Vision to guide all of your actions.
This week I want to bring you a bit more down to earth as we look at your Soul-Centered Mission.
I want you to get very clear on how you can practically bring your inspiring and idealist Soul-centered Vision out and into the world through your work, lifestyle, projects, and every crevice of your life.
Without this clarity, you are most likely not aligned with the your Sacred Purpose in life.
And mis-aligment with your Sacred Purpose usually leads to exhaustion, dissatisfaction, and suffering.
However, when you know your Soul-Centered Mission and live it, you will be energized, excited, and satisfied with your days! Before we move forward, to re-cap, your Soul-centered Vision is literally your vision you have for the world.
It is what drives your soul-centered project and a part of what drives you life and what allows you to feel passionate about it all.
This vision can include such idealist notions as creating a world where there is peace, where people feel good about how they look, where the earth is carefully cared for, and so on.
Now your Soul-Centered Mission is the way your particular project, career or life personally helps to achieve your vision for the world.
Say your vision is that the world be filled with beautiful art and art projects that encourage healing and growth, then your particular mission is that your business contribute to this type of healing and growth by providing innovative and well-priced graphic design that promotes the arts.
Or, say your soul-centered project is to write and publish your family memoirs in a family with a terminally ill parent.
Your vision is that children and adults everywhere will learn how to heal and recover from the trauma of a parent's illness while your mission is that you personally, or your writing, contributes to that healing by telling your story.
If your vision is the larger picture you are working towards, knowing that there are others working toward it is well, then your mission is the unique way you contribute to that vision and move it forward.
Your Soul-Centered Mission reflects the sum of the skills, interests and experiences that uniquely come through you to bring something big out into the world.
Creating a vision and mission will help you get so clear on your purpose that you will be able to hone in on the exact specifics of things like: * what topic you want to write about * what colors you want in your office * what type of exercise or self-care is right for you * who your ideal clients are * what career is perfect for you * what ideas you want to develop and teach about * what team members you work best with * what to delegate and what to do yourself * and so much more! Once you articulate your Soul-centered Mission, you are poised to move forward powerfully and joyfully on all of your Soul-centered projects!
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