Choosing A Home Theatre System

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If the home theatre system is used only for playing music, then you can have bookshelf speakers which are usually up to 15 inches (half size) and are placed on racks or walls.
They play frequencies from 60 Hz (hertz) to 20 Hz.
If your system is mainly brought for watching movies, then you should have floorstanding or full range speakers which play frequencies from 40 Hz to 20 KHz.
For parties, you can have floor standing speakers - a minimum requirement is 200-250W for playing loud music like rock and heavy metal.
An important point to bear in mind is the reserve power.
This is the power that allows sudden loud sound spurts to play or gives extra effects without distortion.
If you play music that is louder than this, it will burn the equipment.
During such sudden bursts, it can go up to 40-50W.
Usually, a person listens to music at 5W and watches movies at 10W.
Reserve power comes to 100W for both movies as well as music.
For a large group of 20 people at a party, it is 200-250W.
Another thing to be looked into is the PMPO (Peak Music Power Output).
It is the total volume that can come out of a system.
The maximum PMPO in a portable home theatre system is 100W, going up to 150W.
In an open air stadium each speaker would give an output of 1,000W.
Graphic equalizers are mainly used to enhance the output from poor speakers or to boost certain frequencies at lower levels.
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