How to Compare Smoothtop Electric Stoves

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    • 1). Set your spending limit for the electric stove. You can get anything from a very basic smoothtop stove to one with lots of extras that most people don't need. The price tags vary greatly depending on the type of stove you choose. Setting your budget before you shop prevents you from falling for something well outside your price range.

    • 2). Measure the area available for the electric stove. Most stoves are a standard 30 inches in width, but some models are larger or smaller, so you'll want to know how much space is available.

    • 3). Analyze your cooking habits. Think about how frequently you cook, how ofter you use the cook top and the average size of the meals you cook. These factors will come into play with some of the extra features available on smooth top stoves.

    • 4). Decide if you want an electric cook top stove or a stove and oven combo unit. The current style of stove in your kitchen will impact the selection.

    • 5). Compare the styles of smooth top electric ranges. You will find freestanding, slide-in and drop-in units. Slide-in and drop-in units blend in more with the existing cabinetry, with both styles typically having the controls in the front. Freestanding units typically have the controls on a backsplash-style piece at the back of the stove.

    • 6). Compare the burner area of each potential smoothtop model. Most smoothtop stoves have two small and two large burners. Some offer a simmer mode on one of the burners. Others have an extended heating area that extends between two of the burners to accommodate larger pans.

    • 7). Note the safety features of each model. This might include heat indicator lights when a burner is on and a lock on the oven door.

    • 8). Test out each model. Open the oven door to see how heavy it feels and how easily it opens. Turn the knobs to make sure they are easy to use and feel sturdy.

    • 9). Compare the style of each smoothtop stove. Consider the style of your kitchen to determine which stove model will best fit into that style. For example, stainless steel stoves with sleek styling are often a good match for modern kitchens.

    • 10

      Note the warranties offered for each model. Read the fine print to make sure you understand the terms of the warranty. A warranty can be a deciding factor if two stoves are similar.

    • 11

      Compare the benefits and drawbacks of each smooth top stove. Compare the price of each model with the features it offers. Select the option that best matches your needs and price range.

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