How to Create a Lasombra for Vampire: The Masquerade

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    • 1). Download a Vampire: The Masquerade character sheet from the White Wolf website (see Resources). Print it out, then start filling it out in pencil. Go to the first section at the very top of the sheet and write your name where it reads "Player" and the name of your character where it reads "Name." The other parts of this section can be worked out with the storyteller when you decide your character's background later.

    • 2). In the next section, labeled "Attributes," rank the categories "Physical," "Social" and "Mental"; put these in the order of most important to least important. For example, Lasombra often have social primary in order to better control and manipulate the society they lurk in.

    • 3). Fill in seven dots in your primary attribute category. If this is social, you get to fill in seven dots among the categories "Charisma," "Manipulation" and "Appearance." The most you can have in any one category is five. Next, put five dots in your secondary category; for "Mental," this would be between "Perception" "Intelligence" and "Wits." Then put three dots in your last category. For "Physical," this is "Strength," "Dexterity" and "Stamina."

    • 4). Fill out the next section, "Abilities," in the same way. But this time, you'll need to order "Talents," "Skills" and "Knowledges" from 1 to 3. You get 13 dots for your number-one (or primary) category, nine for the secondary one and five for the last one. Lasombra don't tend towards any in particular, though they value social abilities like "subterfuge" and "etiquette," as well as professional ones like "law" or "politics."

    • 5). Next, work on the "Advantages" category. The "Disciplines" category is for the supernatural powers your Lasombra has. You can allocate three dots between "Dominate" (the power to mentally dominate others), "Potence" (vampiric strength) and "Obtenebration" (control over living shadows). The more you put into one discipline, the more you'll be able to do with that power.

    • 6). Put five dots into "Backgrounds," which can include "Resources" for how much money your character has, "Contacts" for how many people he can rely on for information, "influence" for how much political power he wields, and others that you can work out with your storyteller. Next, fill in seven dots in the "Virtues" section. "Conscience" is your character's sense of right and wrong, "Self-Control" is how well your character can prevent herself from feeding on people, and "Courage" allows the character to resist her fear of fire, sunlight and other vampiric dangers.

    • 7). Do the last section by starting with "Humanity." Fill in a number of dots equal to the "Conscience" plus "Self-Control" stats you just filled in. The number of "Willpower" dots you have is equal to your "Courage" score. Fill in the "weakness" box; for Lasombra, this is "casts no reflection."

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