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If you are a solo musician, there are tools that you should know about, and have in your tool box.
It is best to be prepared for whatever comes your way in the form of gigs, and musical opportunities.
In this article I will go over some of the general things in the form of gear, hardware, and software, that will give you an edge in this competetive, and demanding world.
Keep in mind that these are all suggestions, and it depends on your personal circumstances as to what you are, and are not able to obtain.
I will assume that you already have the musical instrument of your choice, and that you have already spent the thousands of hours that it takes to perfect your talent.
There is no way around it!...
You get out of it what you put into it.
If you spend the time to perfect your talent, you will definitely reap the benefits.
Lets get started.
I will list all of the items that I have in mind for this article, and where to obtain them.
In some cases, a brief discription on what to do with them.
PA equipment:You will need some kind of PA equipment, preferably something small and compact, but of efficient sound quality 2.
Microphone:You will need a microphone for the times when you are showing off that great voice of yours.
You will also need a microphone stand.
Speaker Stands:I recommend speaker stands for your speakers, to raise your speakers up above peoples heads when playing in restaurants, and coffee shops, etc...
You dont want to drive people away, or blow anybodys ear drum.
Promo Stand:You will need a promo stand that you can use to place your promo material, your CD's, and any of your contact material for people to see, purchase, and take as they come, and go.
This can be something that is portable, small and compact, but looks presentable.
Tip Jar:I recommend a tip jar, something that, again, looks presentable.
Play-a-Long Library:I recommend a play-a-long library for all musicians, especially for solo musicians.
As I have stated in my previous article, "Tips for the solo musician", you can make a living just playing solo gigs, and targeting small establishments.
CD, or, Cassette player:You should have a CD, or cassette player with a pitch control to play your play-a-longs through your PA.
Computer:If at all possible, you should have a powerful enough computer to record your own CD's.
You can also make your own Play-a-longs with your own style of music.
Recording Software:You will need some kind of recording software for your computer.
I recommend, Cakewalk.
Soundcard:You will need, in some cases, a sound card for your computer.
I recommend, Sound Blaster Live.
Keyboard:I think all musicians should have some kind of keyboard.
There are hundreds to choose from, according to your budget.
CD Burning Software:You should have some kind of CD burning software.
Again, there are hundreds of choices.
Microsoft Media Player is free.
Business Card Software:I recommend some kind of business card software for your computer.
"Parabim Business Card Builder", is a very efficient one.
Musicians Website:Every musician should have a website.
I recommend, "Host Baby", everything you need in a musicians website is here.
Internet Promotion Program:A program to help promote your music, and yourself on the internet.
I recommend, "Musicians Power Promotion System".
These are just some of the things that will help you on your quest to be a successful solo musician.
One thing to remember is,...
Always Act...
and Dress proffessionally.
That first impression can make, or break you.
Just click on the links provided in this article where indicated, and you will be taken to the particular website, were you can find the item.
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