How to Troubleshoot the Heater in a 1997 Buick LeSabre

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    • 1). Ensure that there is sufficient coolant in the radiator. If there is not enough coolant, air may get trapped in the system and this can restrict the flow of hot air. Feel both the incoming and outgoing hoses connected to the heater core. Both hoses should be hot. If they are not, the coolant may not be circulating correctly. Have a qualified mechanic investigate this further, as the heater core may need to be replaced.

    • 2). Start the engine and turn both the heater and the electric fan to their highest settings to check for air flowing over the heater core. If the fan does not kick on, you may need to have it replaced.

    • 3). Inspect the fuse box (to the left of the steering column, under the dash) for any blown fuses. Look on the inside of the fuse panel for instructions on how to find the fuse related to the heater fuse. If the thin metal strip inside the glass fuse is broken, replace it with another of the same amperage rating.

    • 4). Check the passenger-side floor area if you notice a strong odor or oily residue on the carpet. This may be an indication that the heater core is leaking. Have a mechanic look this over for you as the heater core may need to be replaced.

    • 5). Start the vehicle when the engine is still cold to see if the thermostat is stuck open. Feel for coolant flowing through the upper radiator hose. It will be immediately apparent if coolant is flowing and this means that the thermostat is stuck open. Usually, the coolant will only begin to flow once the engine has warmed up.

    • 6). Check all the hoses connected to the heater system for any kinks or leaks. Replace them as needed.

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