Women Safety Tips for The Welfare of All Ladies

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Most women lead very different lives from men.
While the world can be a dangerous place for both genders, women have to be on guard against ruthless predators who would prey on them simply because they are women.
Women are often portrayed as weak and unable to defense themselves.
But they do not have to be easy victims.
In fact, they do not have to be victims at all.
If you are a woman, there are feasible ways to avoid unsafe situations by simply following a few basic safety precautions.
These are behaviors that you should avoid in order to stay out of harm's way.
Too Dependent on Men Women often underestimate their internal and external strength.
They think they can just depend solely on men to protect them from harm and danger.
Luckily, women are moving away from this primitive mindset and begin to realize their own strength to protect themselves.
They do not have to rely on another person.
They are strong enough, quick enough, and smart enough to get themselves out of trouble and even gain the upper hand in difficult circumstances.
Inattentive or Inferior Body Language While this is a big no-no for the job interview, it is also one that all women should work on to avoid in everyday life.
Attackers usually prey on victims of opportunity, and they can pick up such signals like poor body language and insecurity.
They understand that women who hold themselves with little confidence are likely to be easy victims.
They look for women with low confident to be their victims.
Bad Locations and Poor Timing There are certain places that a woman should avoid, especially during certain times of the day.
Avoid potentially dangerous situations unless it is an emergency is the best way for a woman to protect herself from harm of any kind.
That might mean taking the elevator instead of the stairs or catching a ride with a friend instead of walking home late at night.
Whatever you have to do to stay safe is worth the trouble because you are worth the effort.
If you are tired of living in fear and you no longer want to feel like a victim, these are some of the situations you should avoid.
With better common sense and awareness, women can put themselves in position of strength instead of disadvantages.
Take charge of your life and enjoy your independence from fear and being victimized.
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