Stop Stalking Me - Go Away!

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The one thing I find particularly irritating about the stalker nature is their inability to give the object of their desire ROOM TO BREATHE.
The word space is not in the stalker dictionary as they work to suffocate their victims with constant reminders of their ongoing presence.
If you are a person who enjoys time on your own then you may have to lock yourself in the small room in the house so you can shut them out for a while.
Stalkers do not enjoy their own company and this is why they become so fixated on a far more interesting person than they are to keep themselves amused.
They do not care if their victim is afraid as this means they have power over them.
They are selfish, quite evil at times and incapable of compassion.
Some stalkers believe that any contact is positive because if their victim is communicating with them it means they are interested.
This can be infuriating for the person being stalked as they yell obscenities in the direction of the stalker in the hope they will get the message.
"Go Away.
" I know that a certain type of stalker will be delighted with this reaction and truly believe their campaign is working.
Please don't bother trying to reason with them as you will find it is like trying to convince a child there is no Santa Clause.
Leave any form of communication with them to the police and worry about yourself.
Another thing a stalker dislikes is being ignored.
They think that because you are the center of their universe you must surely feel the same way.
They just don't get that if you were washed up on a desert island with them you would probably prefer to take your chances with the sharks.
That classic saying.
" Get a life" could easily be a stalkers lament as their whole life is centered around you and you alone.
Hobbies, interests and every day life have no meaning for a stalker, as you are all they are interested in.
They do their homework and document everything about you from what is your favorite color to what kinds of books you read.
The spooky thing is they may know you better than you know yourself if it wasn't for the fact that they are psychologically impaired.
They can get very nasty when rejected and take it out on you without blinking an eye.
In the next breath they will send you flowers and a card telling you how much they love you in the hope that while you are recovering from their viscous attack you will want to see them.
They are truly TWISTED and determined to get you to notice them regardless of the consequences.
They are abusive and cruel and the only way to deal with them is to keep talking to the police, learn to protect yourself and keep going on with your life.
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