How to Learn French Culture

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    • 1). Go to the French Today website (see Resources).

    • 2). Listen to the "French table manners and etiquette" audio lesson. You do have to pay for this lesson. It is almost an hour long and covers the do's and dont's of dining in France, including common phrases you may hear.

    • 3). Purchase the "All you need to know about Paris' métro, buses, RER... + tips" audio lesson if you are planning a trip to Paris. This hour-long lesson is listed as a "master class" for people planning on spending time in Paris. It includes things like proper pronunciation of all of the Paris area Metro stations, what to expect and phrases that will come in handy.

    • 4). Avoid any communication faux pas by taking the free "Tu versus vous" audio lesson. This lesson teaches you when to use "tu" and when to use "vous" in conversations. You will also learn which regions of France find misuse more of a faux pas than others.

    • 5). Learn the proper way to greet people in France in the free lesson "When in France, kiss, don't hug!" This lesson educates you on the proper way to greet people in the French culture.

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