Garlic As a Marginal Plant

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    Growing Garlic

    • Plant garlic cloves in early spring in loose, rich soil that has good drainage and lots of organic material, such as compost. Garlic needs full sun, large quantities of fertilizer, such as 10-10-10, and soil kept evenly moist.

    Insects That Dislike Garlic

    • When planted around the margins of a vegetable garden, garlic can be helpful in deterring insects such as ants, aphids, grasshoppers, leaf loopers, leafrollers, spiders, spider mites, thrips and white flies. More success is possible if garlic is mixed with water and used as a spray, according to Texas A&M University.

    Animals That Dislike Garlic

    • Deer, rabbits and other garden invaders sometimes won't enter areas where garlic is growing. The smell is strong and does not appeal to their noses. A spray made with garlic, eggs and hot sauce is believed to repel deer.

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