Short Term Car Insurance Policy

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If you are interested in a short term car insurance policy or cover you are either going to be renting a car or borrowing one from someone.
I explain the different scenarios and why you may not need car insurance for each one...
Renting a car: You are likely to be offered liability coverage, a loss damage waiver, personal effects coverage, and/or personal accident insurance.
If you have already have car and health insurance you probably don't need any of the rental car company's insurance policies.
Furthermore, if you use a credit card to pay for the rental car, the credit card company may pay for the cost to insure the rental car.
To be on the safe side it is in your best interest to call your car insurance and/or your credit card company to make sure that you are covered.
Because a rental car company's insurance fees are expensive, it is worth your time making sure that you don't need any of their inflated coverage.
Borrowing a car: If you own a car and have the respective car insurance you needn't worry as the coverage on your car transfers over to the owner's vehicle.
If, however, you don't own a car you're going to need a nonowners policy to protect yourself against liability claims if you are found guilty an accident.
If you damage that person's car and only have a nonowners policy you better hope that that person has collision and/or comprehensive coverage to help pay for the costs to repair his or her car.
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