How To Choose Letterboxes For Our Home

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Letterboxes do not just serve as storage for our letters and bills. Just like the fashion homewares that you choose for your home, they also speak a lot about the homeowners personality. Aside from that, our letterboxes can add character to our propertys curb appeal. Your neighbors will see your letterbox every time they pass by your house. If your letterbox is old and rusty, it can give them negative impressions about yourself. So how do you choose the right one for your house? Here are some tips to keep in mind.

Mounting position. Mailboxes can be mounted in two ways post and wall. Post mount mailboxes need to be mounted at the front of every home. It should be accessible to mailmen and the public. You will need a post and a mounting board to ensure safe and successful installation. Wall mount boxes, on the other hand, need to be installed by the front entry door of your home. You will need a couple of anchors for installation and a few mounting screws as well.

Style. Choose a mailbox that will reflect the overall appeal of your home. There are a wide range of mailboxes styles that will suit a wide range of personal styles vintage, modern, wooden, etc.

Material. Of course, the mail box material should also be considered. A wide range of materials are used to make mailboxes. Each of them has their own pros and cons. Galvanized steel mailboxes are rust-resistant and heavy-duty. They also come in different gauges that range from standard to heavy. Others are made from heavy-plated steel which are indestructible but rusts easily. Plastic mailboxes are also available. Unlike those made from steel, plastic letterboxes are rust-proof.

Color and Finish. As mentioned, the color that you choose should accentuate the overall appeal of your homes exterior. Mailboxes come in different colors and finishes semi-gloss, flat, high gloss, and textured.

Sizes. The typical mount post comes in three sizes standard, large, and extra-large while the typical wall mount post can be small or extra-large. Select yours based on the capacity that you need. What is the average number of mails that you receive on a daily or weekly basis?

Security. Most homeowners want their letterboxes to be secured. If you are one of them, pick one with a locking feature.

Keep the above tips in mind and pick the best letterbox that will not only serve its function but also add character to your home.

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