What is the Global Health Insurance?

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Kisha got accepted to do work for her company overseas for a year.
She had health insurance at home, but that wouldn't cover her for the full year.
She finally decided to look into global health insurance with her existing health insurer.
Unfortunately, they didn't have an additional plan to cover this and could provide little help to her in understanding exactly what the differences were between her existing coverage and that one.
So, what does Kisha need to know about global health insurance before she starts looking for a provider? She needs to know what types of coverage this type of insurance gives and the possible variations that are available, such as: •access to doctors and medical services from her home country •short-term coverage ranging up to three years •medical evacuations in case of emergency needs •repatriation to her home country in case of emergency medical needs •AD and D coverage •cancellation insurance •numerous plan types •emergency assistance usually twenty-four hours per day •up to $5 million in coverage •comprehensive coverage •possible dental coverage •possible eye care coverage •possible maternity and after-birth care coverage •possible newborn coverage •possible mental health coverage •possible preventative medicine coverage •possible concierge assistance •possible coverage for injuries or illnesses due to terrorism •possible deductibles for doctor's visits Kisha can find the global health insurance she needs by checking out the many major national insurance companies that offer varied plans across the United States.
She can get quotes and even pick and choose the coverage that suits her best.
Best of all, she can find plans that fit her budget whilst allowing her to have the assurance that no matter what the medical needs that she may have, she is covered completely and can get home if an emergency arises with her health.
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