White Or Black?Which Colour For Your Website?

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The colour background used in a website is very important since this is where you will apply all the colours that will be used for the web design.
But choosing the right colour for the background can be a hefty task.
There are two colours that are commonly used as background: black and white.
But to decide on what colour to use is another thing.
It can be challenging to most people especially who does not have any background about the colour wheel or art, for that matter.
Anyhow, this task is easier when you have some knowledge on the possible output upon using such colour.
To know whether to use black or white as the background, here are some things that you need to know.
White Search engines such as yahoo and Google used white as colour background.
These two are the top most visited websites.
The logic of using such colour as background is to make the site simple.
Advantages: o Different colors can be applied and blend in using such background.
o The texts can be seen and read clearly.
o Pictures of different color variations can easily blend in.
Disadvantages: o Commonly used, and it can look very dull.
o Too many colours to choose from on what to apply.
Black Only a few websites dared to use this colour as a background.
Some dating sites and porn sites are using this colour as background.
For those sites who want to dare to be different this colour is the good choice.
Advantages: o Few colours to choose from, less time used in selecting the colours to be used.
o Can catch every visitor's attention.
o The site will stand out from the rest of the millions site in the web.
Disadvantages: o Applying different colour palettes can be challenging and takes time to settle to the right colour combination.
o Only few colours to choose from when it comes to text and can't play around with different colours.
With the information cited, you are now ready to choose what colour to use for the background of your website.
It all depends on your preference and of course your web designer's opinion does matter.
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