Alcohol License Rules

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    Application Process

    • Applying for an alcohol license depends on the location of where you are applying and what you need the license for. These apply to restaurants, liquor stores, bars, and catering, and all cost different amounts of money and require different types of applications. When filling out the application, state the address you will need the license for, the type of clientele you will have, and where you are located. There are certain counties in certain states that are stricter about allowing alcohol to be served. Utah has very stringent alcohol licensing rules and only allows bars that have memberships. There are states all over the country that have "dry" counties within them, which restrict anyone from selling or consuming alcohol within its borders.

    Cheaper Liquor Licenses

    • A catering license is the cheapest and easiest alcohol license to obtain because it is only temporary, allowing you to use it only a certain number of times over the course of its licensing period before having to apply and pay for a new one. This is an effective license for a catering company or a special events center, so it doesn't have to buy a full liquor license, which can cost tens of thousands or as much as hundreds of thousands of dollars. Liquor stores also have cheaper alcohol licenses in most states, since you're often not allowed to drink on the premises.

    Loss of License

    • Alcohol licenses can be revoked and businesses can be fined for a number of things. In most states, no one under the age of 21 is allowed to be served alcohol or even allowed to be in a bar, with or without a legal guardian. Being caught even once for a violation of this law can lead to heavy fines for the business and possible loss of its license, which means it will probably shut down, since, at most of these establishments, alcohol generates most of the revenue. Licenses can also be lost if the alcohol is served in an unsanitary way, like in dirty or broken glasses.

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