Is There A Magic Potion To Help Me Get My Ex Back?

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When you're hurting after a breakup you want the pain to end. You know, all too well that breaking up is the cause of your pain. Therefore, you believe that all you need is to get your ex back for the pain to end once and for all. So you're desperately wondering: "Is there a magic potion to help me get my ex back?"

You're willing to do whatever it takes but you definitely want to go the path of least resistance. There isn't a magic potion you can take or pill you can swallow that will patch things up between the two of you instantly. It just doesn't work that way. But there are a few small changes you can make in your approach to getting your ex back that just might work a little bit like magic.

I bet you've tried a few things to get your ex back already that haven't been all that successful. It's understandable. In the days right after your breakup you aren't always ready to strategize with the clearest of heads. You need to let a little time pass and get a little emotional distance from the situation before you can work out an effective strategy to get your ex back. The first days and even weeks after a breakup are definitely not periods of time when cooler heads prevail on either side of the breakup equation.

Here is one strategy that has been highly successful for helping people get an ex back. The odds are stacked in your favor that it will help you get your ex back too.

What is it?

Give your ex the one thing that will shock him or her into silence. Agree to the breakup. Tell your ex he or she is right to want it. Don't ask for a second chance. Don't ask to make it temporary. Don't argue. Don't offer excuses. Don't apologize. Simply agree and walk away.

WHAT?!? You ask?

You're wondering, "How does THAT help?" It only gives your ex what he or she wants. You believe it doesn't do anything for you.

Oh but it does. More than you'll ever know at first glance.

First, it goes against everything you feel like you need to do. The thing is, your heart doesn't always lead you where you need to go in order to get the results you're after. Sometimes it takes a little "tough love" to make your point to your ex.

This brings us to the second point. When you abruptly decide to agree with your ex about the breakup; it turns the tables a bit. It puts your ex on the defensive. Suddenly your ex isn't thinking about the way he or she believes he or she has been hurt by you but about what he or she has done to hurt you instead.

Third, it makes your ex curious as to why you've changed your mind. It will drive your ex to the brink of madness and back again that you've changed your mind without giving a good reason €" even though you're AGREEING. Your ex will want to know WHY? Curiosity can be brutal but it can also be extremely thought-provoking.
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