Goal Setting and the Value of Alliances

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A Lesson from Star Wars The Star Wars story of the rebellion of Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, and the rebel alliance against the Galactic Empire is both engaging and inspiring.
However, it is more than just entertainment for all ages.
It is also a worthy parable for how with the help of skilled and experienced participants anything is possible.
'Anything', as is any goal that you might have.
It illustrates the power of alliances in achieving big goals, even if the motivations of the partners are not totally in sync.
So if you have some big ideas keep in mind how building key alliances can create a force to be reckoned with.
Scaling from Small Goals to Big Goals We see the value of participating with others in small goals in our daily lives.
We readily work with personal trainers, tutors, or even a neighbor or two.
However, when we think about large scale goals the size and scope of the challenges can seem overwhelming, and we often either quickly dismiss the goal or pass it off as something that we're incapable of.
Why? Big goals are accomplished by individuals or small groups all the time and not just on big screen.
Think J.
K Rowling or Steve Jobs or George Lucas.
If it's something you're passionate about why not spend a little time thinking about how you might achieve it.
Talk to friends and subject experts about the goal before you give up.
Identify the roadblocks and challenges and identify people who might help you overcome them.
Then channel your inner Princess Leia and see if they're willing to help.
The fact is that while achieving large goals may pose new and different challenges the principles that make them achievable them are fairly simple and the Star Wars saga provides a memorable and useful illustration of them.
Principles of Building a Goal Alliance 1) Clearly state your goal The first principal of the building an alliance is to have a clear and concise goal.
It should be a single written sentence that describes a measurable outcome.
You might be thinking, isn't that true of any goal.
Yes it is, but it's particularly important for a big goal because you want to make sure that everyone you work with understands exactly what the goal is.
It reduces the likelihood of confusion and effectively screens those who are not aligned with it.
In the very first Star Wars film, Princess Leia does this by sending a message to Obi Wan Kenobi via R2D2 to help her and the rebels against the Empire.
The overall goal is clear; she is asking for help with the rebellion.
2) Ask for specific help If you've identified a need for some skill or capability, find some who has it and ask for specific help.
Being specific effectively screens out those who are unable to fulfill your need and improves the likelihood that you'll find the right person.
When Princess Leia asks for help from Obi Wan she specifically asks him to deliver the droid R2D2 to Alderon.
The more specific you are about the kinds of help you need the better the chances are you'll achieve your overall goal.
3) Give people a reason to care If achieving overall success requires help from others keep in mind that they need a reason to care about the goal.
There are a number of motivators that might inspire people to care about your goal but the motivation only has value if there's a good likelihood that the goal is going to happen.
So it's important to communicate how that will take place.
Why might people care about your goal? - Personal benefit; financial or otherwise.
In Star Wars the cast of alliance members famously included Han Solo who was a professional smuggler and Lando Calrissian an administrator of a neutral city, both of whom were initially brought into the rebel alliance for reasons other than the cause itself.
- The joy of participation.
People like to feel useful so if they're engaged in some gratifying task and they receive acknowledgement for it they're often happy to participate.
3CPO is an example of a valuable alliance member who gained pleasure out of just being included.
- A personal or emotional stake in the goal.
For example, if the goal is a project that benefits the community people may participate just because they believe in value of what you're doing.
Certainly overthrowing an evil empire is good example of that.
So big goals can be achieved with some determination and ingenuity and by following a few basic principles of alliance building.
It happens all the time.
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