Maintaining Medical Coverage When You Are Unemployed

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Many people are facing unemployment over the next year, and the loss of income is only a small part of the troubles associated with unemployment. Even more important than the loss of income is the loss of insurance coverage associated with it. This can be especially devastating to those who have families who are in need of coverage as well. Also, a little known fact is that spending three or more months without health insurance can significantly increase issues of pre-existing conditions. Insurance companies don't look at it kindly when you have a lapse of insurance for a period of time, and tend to over scrutinize your bills accordingly.

If you're suddenly without a job, most likely you will be covered under COBRA, a Federal plan passed in'86 which allows you to continue your company's health insurance for up to' months, paying out of your own pocket. If you were under a group plan before, the cost is likely to be reasonable in many cases. However, if you are without an income, you may not be able to take advantage of the COBRA option.

If you find yourself unable to take advantage of COBRA for whatever reason, you may need to find an independent provider that can give you a reasonable alternative, a short term policy, usually six months in length. These policies are specifically designed to protect your family between jobs. If your employer previously paid part of your premiums, then these policies can often be less costly than COBRA.

The stress of not being covered by a health insurance plan can claim more attention in our lives than it deserves, but nonetheless, it is an issue. Affordable health care should be a right and not a privilege just for the rich. Hopefully soon our government will be able to provide us all the coverage we deserve.

If you are in need of affordable health insurance, whether it is because you are recently unemployed or because your current employer does not offer health insurance benefits, then one of the best resources you have available to you is the internet. Look up what options are available in your state and also check out all the health care options available. There is surely a plan out there that will keep your family covered, while not taking all your income to pay the premiums.

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