World of Warcraft - Profession Selection As a Means of Making Gold

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As World of Warcraft has grown through the years as a game, there has been more and more opportunities to earn gold with each expansion pack released.
As the game has grown, one question has stayed the same.
How can I earn a lot of gold? The most consistent way of making money has always been professions.
The first step is deciding what kind of professions you want.
Look at it from a business point of view, do you want to provide a service or sell materials? If you undertake the selling materials route such as mining or herbalism be prepared to do a lot of in game.
Keep in mind even though these professions can be laborious they can pay quite well.
My work in picking herbs for the greatness decks earned me 10,000 gold in two days.
To be fair I easily played 12 hours a day on both of those days to make that kind of gold.
These professions do pay well but they are not fun.
The other set of professions such as jewel crafting, enchanting, alchemy, etc are service professions.
These professions are not expensive to train if you do them as your leveling your character.
The main way to make gold with these professions is to do services for people and a get a tip.
Standing on top of or grimmar bank all day and simply providing your service can earn you a 1,000 gold a day.
If your online during the night or weekday mornings when it is not busy you can make a lot more money providing services.
There is a chance you will be one of the few people with your selected profession online meaning you can charge 20 gold or more for a tip.
Most people are inpatient and do windup paying the expensive tip.
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