Scared Best Man - Essential Tips For Any Best Man Who is Scared About Their Speech

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This article is written for the scared best man.
You know that moment is inevitable.
The more guy friends you have, the more inevitable that moment becomes.
I'm talking about "The Favour".
That's right, the moment when your friend comes to you and asks you to be the best man at their upcoming wedding.
"Sure," you say without thinking.
"No problem.
Be glad to.
" You shake hands guy-style, all full of chest pounding and knuckle knocking.
He leaves, then hours later it hits you.
You've got to be his best man at his wedding.
His scared best man, that is.
That means you have to perform the duties of best man.
That includes toasting the happy bride and groom.
That means public speaking.
Something you know absolutely zero about.
What in the world are you going to say? As usually, you blame your friend for getting you into this mess in the first place and vow to seek revenge at the earliest possible moment.
Maybe even before the wedding, if the opportunity presents itself.
This article presents itself as coming to the rescue of those scared best-men-to-be, by offering you tips and examples to use when The Moment arrives.
Use these and you can toast the happy couple with confidence.
  • The first thing you are obviously going to want to do is introduce yourself to the guests and tell them all how you come to know the groom.
    Something like, "Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.
    My name is John Doe, and I'm here tonight at the mistake of my best friend George, the groom.
    We've known each other since diapers were fashionable to both of us, and George has regretted it since.
    Having lived in the same neighbourhood, gone to the same schools, made and lost the same friends, it is pretty much apparent that one of us is redundant.
    Since George is the one getting married, that must mean he is the redundant one.
  • Then you want to move into how the bride and groom met.
    Go with something like, "George and Josie met in college.
    I tried to warn her against getting to know him, but not being very creative, my attempts failed and she fell for George anyways.
    I had hoped that the sparks would fade after George and I graduated from college, but the roots were already planted, and are coming to fruition today, at their wedding.
  • Then, having buttered your audience up with a bit of humour, it is time to finish up on a serious note.
    "All kidding aside, George and Josie, this is your day.
    You've come the distance and have earned each other, and your upcoming life together.
    As best man, I salute your choices for each other, and knowing George nearly all my life, I am here to say that Josie has taken one of the good ones off the market, and all to herself.
    In fishing vernacular, George is a great catch.
  • To conclude your toast, be sure to wish the newlyweds well on their new journey together.
    "Let's all raise our glasses high to the couple of the hour, George and Josie.
    You both inspire us to increase the love in our lives, to live our lives to the fullest and get all we can out of it.
    May you both inspire each other to the same great love for each other.
    We all love you and wish you the best on this, the beginning of the greatest adventure of your lives.
This is but a small example to use when putting a speech together.
Remember to amp up the humour, because the serious speeches have come just before you, by the father of the bride, and the groom himself.
You are the comic conclusion.
Remember to keep it light.
Brevity will be your guide.
Follow this and you won't have to be such a scared best man after all.
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