Where Is the File Tab on Internet Explorer 7?

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    • You can locate your file tab by opening Internet Explorer 7. The toolbar menu on the top of the page consists of tools you can use to help maximize your use of Internet Explorer. The File tab on the tool bar allows you to control, create and close your file tabs.


    • In the File tab there are many options. You can choose to open or close a file tab, or even duplicate a tab that is already open. When you click on "File," a drop-down menu is displayed which provides you with the options. From this tab you can also save and print the webpage that is open in the browser. You can choose "Send" to email the page, link the page or create a shortcut on the desktop.The "Properties" option on the File tab provides you with the URL description and properties.


    • The File tab is conveniently placed to the far left of the Internet Explorer 7 toolbar because it is one of the most important features. Using the options provided in the File tab will maximize your usage of Internet Explorer 7 by allowing you to view many pages at once and determine how to utilize the information on those pages, in terms of sharing links and printing and saving pages.

    File Menu Hidden

    • Internet Explorer 7 has hidden the File menu by default in order to maximize website browsing. Although most of the menu options can be viewed from the tool bar, you can restore the file menu by clicking the "ALT" key. Once the file menu is restored, you can use all of the above functions with the file tab.

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