How Effective Are High School Foreign Student Exchange Programs?

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There can be many a ways were in you can learn and educate yourself. In view of growing demand of globalization it is but to realize that our generations still studying in schools get the best chance to understand this term and use it in the best way when it"s required. Keeping this in focus many private schools and academic organizations is getting involved in foreign exchange student programs through certain recognized associations. High school level programs are getting popular and students too are eager to participate in it.

So what are these programs?
A program wherein students of high school aged in between 15 to 18 are selected on some prerequisites of the program and allowed to experience education, life and culture of a foreign country. These programs range from a span of six months to one complete academic year depending upon the design of it. The length of time and available financial aid decide for the whole cost of the program.

How does this benefit students at high school level?
Though high school level programs are for short term but this international adventure gets a fruitful experience the benefits of which can be divided into the following areas:

1.Educational: Learning of international approaches and gaining knowledge in it help the students better understanding of different perspectives at cultural and community level. The students become habituated to grasp foreign environment better. They broaden their general knowledge and get to learn problem solving skills in foreign locations. Their interest in global issues is enhanced.

2.Personal: Social poise with self development leads to maturity in behavior. Better awareness develops their self esteem and confidence. They can confront challenges for community or family level better. Integration with altogether different culture and family foster lifelong friendship and appreciation for family life. Successful completion of program inculcates into their decision making capability, independent opinions, and setting up of goals. Their ability of to focus, compromise, and succeed in challenging times are enhanced.

What are the prerequisites of such program for students to opt for it in Geelong schools?
I.Language: This is important that if you are opting for a country in exchange program you should learn some basic communication language.

II.General awareness: You have to be generally aware of the cultural norms or the type of people you may confront with.

III.Consult a guidance counselor who can guide you for the prerequisites and other requirements for the application process.

Whichever foreign exchange program you opt it should be recognized by an authorized board or council such as CASEO in Australia.
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