Obesity And Life Insurance

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Being overweight is usually a cause of concern when applying for a life insurance policy. Some people who have challenging health issues related to being overweight think they cannot get any insurance at all and therefore, may not even try applying for life insurance coverage. Some have tried and have been declined by the few life insurance companies they have applied to. The fact is, even if you are overweight or obese, you may still be able to find an affordable insurance coverage policy that meets your needs. You may just have to try harder and shop around for the most affordable life insurance coverage.

Shed a few pounds before you apply for life insurance
If you are 10 lbs over your ideal weight, and have a good medical history with no existing medical conditions, many life insurance carriers may overlook the weight. Since being overweight or obese is a modifiable factor, one sure way to get cheaper life insurance premiums is by making sure you are the ideal weight for your age and height at the time you apply for a life insurance policy!

Most life insurance carriers look at your BMI (Body Mass Index) and may use this criterion to determine the premium category you qualify for. The BMI determines how much fat you are carrying. The higher the BMI, the higher your premiums are most likely to be. Because different life insurance carriers will apply different underwriting rules, you may be able to find cheaper life insurance just by shopping around. But generally, those who have a BMI between 26 and 28 (or lower) have very high chances of getting Preferred Plus Premium rates. If your BMI is above 28 but lower than 35, you may qualify for preferred rates depending on your health status. But if your BMI is above 35, standard rates may apply to you.

Obesity may not hamper your chances for affordable life insurance
Obesity is considered to be one of the major health concerns of this nation and statistics indicate that the number of obese people is on the rise. According to the Trust for America's Health (2009 report) more than 25 percent of the population in 31 states are obese. This is one out of 4 people so you are not alone in your struggle to find affordable life insurance. It is true that most life insurance carriers do not look favorably on people who are overweight and particularly those who come into the obese category. Why do life insurance carriers apply higher premiums for obese people? Obesity is closely associated with chronic health concerns such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, joint pain, and osteoporosis, stroke, and certain types of cancers.

The last thing you should do is think you may not be eligible for life insurance coverage. This kind of thinking just may prevent you from getting a good deal! Your best option for affordable life insurance quotes would be try the online services of insurance quote providers. Such services are associated with thousands of reputed insurance companies and since each company follows its own underwriting practices, you'll easy have access to the ones that are most favorable to health risks associated with obesity. You can get free quotes in the convenience of your own home just by just pressing a few keys without any obligation to purchase. Within minutes you'll be provided with the best, most affordable quotes for comparative study.
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