The TF2 Spy

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The spy is a unique class that has special talents not found with any other character.
If you choose to be a spy, your job won't be on the front lines defending your team like one of the Heavies.
Instead, you'll be needed behind the scenes.
He infiltrates the enemy lines and takes them down from inside their own boundaries with his cloak and disguises.
He has the ability to backstab, taking down an opponent or to render engineer buildings unusable with sapper charges.
If you enjoy the thought of working as a double agent instead of using brute force to get the job done, then becoming a spy may be for you.
However, you do need to have lots of patience to master this class.
It may very well be one of the hardest to perfect.
Nevertheless, with some practice and determination you can be one of the best spies your teammates or the enemy has ever encountered.
There have been several updates to TF2 that have greatly improved the abilities of the spy.
For example, the backstab is more instantaneous than it used to be.
The spy can slow down to match the speed of the class you're disguised as although; you will not be able to speed up enough to match the speed of a Scout.
This should be taken into consideration before you choose your disguise.
If the class is only slightly faster than your original speed such as the Medic, then you should be able to pull off this disguise without much difficulty.
Another great improvement is the way your teammates see you when you're disguised.
Your teammates will see you as a spy wearing a mask so it's much easier to distinguish you from the enemy.
The first step in perfecting any TF2 class is learning everything you can about that character.
The more you know about this class, the easier it will be to use the spy at his full potential.
In other words, you need to understand everything there is to know about being a spy.
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