How to Service Tubular Locks

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    • 1). Remove the trim screws and the escutcheon plate from the interior side of the door. Check that all the retaining screw heads are flush with the lock assembly and adjust if necessary.

    • 2). Apply a bit of graphite spray or lubricant to the interior of the lock, then replace the plate and trim screws.

    • 3). Check the strike plate position and remove the plate if it doesn't line up with the edge plate properly. Reposition the strike plate and secure it with the trim screws.

    • 4). Spray a bit of lubricant into the keyhole and wipe any excess from the lock trim with a rag.

    • 5). Take the master key to a professional locksmith and have replacements made if the key still doesn't slide in and out of the lock or turn easily.

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