How to Clean Uba Tuba Granite

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    • 1). Drop a dime-size amount of liquid in an inconspicuous area on the stone. Website Countertop Specialty suggests lemon juice, vegetable oil, or even water will work. Watch the spot carefully. If the stone darkens, you need a sealant. Apply the sealant following the directions provided with the product.

    • 2). Soak a cloth in hot water. You may also use a cleaner recommended for granite. Soap, even mild ones, can build up on the surface and dull the shine over time. If you do not have stone cleaner, hot water will do the trick. Wipe the surface of the stone to remove debris.

    • 3). Add several drops of acetone to a dry cloth, and wipe the surface. This will shine it and remove any remaining residue from the cleanser. The acetone is effective for stubborn spots or stains, as well. If necessary, rub the acetone over a spot to remove stuck-on substances, and then wipe the surface again with hot water.

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