Something Important Happened Today

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As we all know the year 1776 was filled with bone shaking fears, young blood stains in nearly every field and profound hopes for a dream to become reality.
About 6000 young lives were sacrificed in the Revolutionary War and another 12000 to 15000 lives were ruined as the result of brutal inhumane incarceration.
A radical faction of society was hell bent on changing the course of a country.
So intent were these radicals on casting aside the only way of life everyone knew, for an unknown new fantasy future, that they literally defied the King of, the world's most dominate country, England, and vowed a slugfest, maniacal fight every step of the way to the hangman's noose should Great Britain prevail over General Washington's revolutionary troops.
Their resolve was further bolstered when word was received that King George III arrogantly declared that; "Nothing important happened today" after he heard that the Declaration of Independence had been adopted in the American Colonies.
This declaration was the fruit of labor from fifty six radical American Patriots we refer to as our Founding Fathers and no conceited foreign King was going to keep them from making this independence a reality.
A new book by author Jim Andreas takes you behind the parchment and into the personal lives of all fifty six patriotic signers of the Declaration of Independence.
Not only does the year 1776 reincarnate before your eyes but so do the fears and thoughts of their wives and children, plus you experience defeat, victory and death on the battle field.
Feel the terror of being a prisoner of war under the most horrific conditions any mind could possibly imagine.
All of this and more between the front and back covers of: Something Important Happened Today! This is a must read for every American patriot.
The book has not yet been published; however a rough copy of its pages has been reviewed and commented on.
It is currently in the pre-publishing reserve copy phase.
Reserve your autographed copy at a discounted price plus receive a free American Flag lapel pin.
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