How to Draw Fashion Shirts

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    • 1). Lightly sketch out a model for the shirt to be drawn on, not adding any more details than necessary. All you really need is a good torso, with defined shoulders, a neck, and a waistline. If the shirt you want to draw is going to be long sleeved, add some arms to the model as well.

    • 2). Begin to draw the shirt on the body, using soft lines to sweep across and show the fabric's texture. Once you have the main outline of the shirt complete, go over it a little bit darker, using single, graceful swipes to connect the lines.

    • 3). Add any special details you wanted the shirt to have, such as a specific pattern, buttons, ties, hems, or even extravagant embellishments like ruffles or bows. As you finish the light sketch of each extra, go over them again darker, using the same method as the shirt outline.

    • 4). Use an eraser to remove any parts of the body you don't want to be visible as well as any stray or uneven lines from the shirt sketch.

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