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Viewers of the satellite TV are taking much interest in the crime series these days. With almost every channel on your DIRECTV featuring programs on crime, you can check these out. These are the programs that follow the hardcore process of the investigators that they use to catch the main culprits. While watching these programs, you can feel the real life drama and excitement. You can watch how the entire investigation team, the investigator, medical practitioner and the forensic examiner mix up science with the traditional means of investigation to catch hold of the criminals. With so many choices in hand when it comes to the crime series, let's have a look at some of the programs on your satellite TV.

'Runaway Squad'

This is a program which will surely engross you completely. The program is based on a real life problem of the United States. Every year in America more than 1.6 million children run away from home. While it is a grave matter from the perspective of society, little can be done by the police. With so many cases of runaways it becomes a real challenge for the police department to look for them within their limited and already overloaded work schedule. It is where Joe Mazzilli and his expert team come to the help of these runaway's unfortunate and anxious parents. They not only help these kids to get back home safe and sound, they also manage to get hold of the real culprits.

Watching the program on your DIRECTV, you can feel the shivers down your spine. The way Mazzilli and his team hunt for these runaways and the condition in which they locate the children are really heart rending. Some questions may come to your mind while watching the show. Why do these children run away from home? Where do they reach after that? What happened to them mostly? This is unfortunate but many times these children end in some difficult situation. Many of them are found dead on the streets, many ended in being criminals and many in being prostitutes. The program is a sort of eye opener for the children and their parents! Watching these programs on the DIRERCTV can help them get friendly with their children. It might prompt them to know the problems that their adolescent children might be facing.

'Manhunters Fugitive Task Force'

Another mind blowing crime series program on your DIRECTV is 'Manhunters Fugitive Task Force'. This special task force continues to hunt down the most treacherous criminals of the United States. The special force is mandated by the US Congress. They cannot be questioned for their task in the jurisdiction. They can catch hold of any violent or aggressive criminal and they can take up any unquestionable technique for this.

In each of the episodes of this exciting series, you can see how these ace officials track down the most dangerous criminals. Thanks to the Department of Justice that granted permission to A&E Channel to accompany these officials in their missions.

'Cold Case Files'

There are a number of court cases that remain unresolved at times. The reason it is so is that law enforcement did not find any clue or lead in such cases and they close the cases. In such cases, the criminals get the chance to escape easily. Justice is denied and the victim's family suffers silently. The show reopens such cases and tries to reinstate justice. They start the case from scratch and investigate the case to solve the case and get hold of the fugitive.

Watch these crimes series on your satellite TV and see how these investigators hunt for the most dangerous felons of the country.
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