Trading Places 2x2 Regenesis On Steroiods

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Is Trading Places 2x2 Another Regenesis 2x2 destined to fail within a few months. That's the question that many people will be asking in the next few weeks. I can tell you without a doubt in my mind the answer to that question is NO. And there are several reasons I say that.

1) The software being used is much better than what ReGenesis is using, and the Back office is state of art and much easier to use for beginners than that of Regenesis 2x2.
2) The adervtising campaign is extensive concentrating on Full Page Magazine ads which could be launching as soon as the first week in July. Ads are also being placed in USA Today, as well as direct marketing, phone and fax blasting.
3) Offices are being staffed with trained people ready to manage and provide Customer support which actually includes answering your calls live to help you through any problems, we all know this was not available with Regenesis.

How do you earn money with Trading Places 2x2? The first thing to do is join an Experienced Team who has had success in this type of business, that is where Trading Places 2x2 Global Cash Mavericks Team comes in. We have a group of experienced leaders in internet marketing and want to help you succeed.

To qualify a Business Center and earn commissions in TRADING PLACES 2x2 you simply purchase a $300 product package one time out of pocket. By activating a Business Center you are qualified to earn commissions through the Marketing Plan. Each and every time your 2x2 matrix fills with 6 people (2 on your 1st level and 4 on your 2nd level) you will earn a $400 check. A Matching Bonus is then paid to person at the top of the matrix. Next, the computer system will instantly re-cycle you into the next open position in your sponsor's matrix where you can cycle and earn $400 again!
In addition to cycle bonuses, you earn Matching Bonuses each time the people on your second level cycle meaning you have the opportunity to make $2,000 on each and every Business Center over and over. This differs from Regenesis where you were only paid a matching bonus from people you sponsored.

Bottom line is this, if you want to make a lot of money online you have come to the right place. to join the Global Cash Maverick Team
Visit or call Steve at 251-510-3417
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