Changing to a Raw Food Diet

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Changing to a raw food diet can be very challenging when you are not prepared properly.
After the first two days on salads, raw vegetables and fruits you might start asking yourself: "What can I eat on the raw food diet?" Are you really confined to salads, vegetables, fruits, berries and nuts? So, changing to a raw food diet seems to be a fairly harsh transition at first, and it is not easy, but the benefits of such a lifestyle are clearly convincing.
Apart from losing weight quickly and healthily, which is almost not possible with any other diet or even crash diet scheme, you are feeding your body vital nutrient.
If you eat cooked foods, even cooked vegetables, most nutrients and phytochemicals have lost a good part of their activity.
Enzymes are getting inactivated by heat for example, but nevertheless they play a very important role not only in the digestion process.
Experts say, that once there is a surplus of enzymes that are not needed for proper digestion, they actually start cleaning the body from inside.
This is also why seriously ill people recover on raw foods, the enzymes simply digest the junk that is sitting inside you for years.
One more reason for changing to a raw food diet! Also, the high mineral content from vegetables of preferably organic origin and their natural chelation agents are able to detox your body.
Heavy metals get washed out of your body which has an immediate strengthening effect on the immune system and your overall well being.
With all that said, often it is not so easy to changing to a raw food diet, although your health, body and mind benefits greatly.
If your motivation is not so much acute or severe health trouble that can not wait, but rather a long term goal of health and healthy weight loss to achieve a lean body and to raise your energy levels, then a more gradual approach can be more promising.
Changing to a raw food diet can also be done as a step by step approach by implementing the right meals one at a time.
Start with buying your own juicer machine and have a vegetable juice daily, then switch to having green salads for lunch and make sure you are having "5 a day" as many people struggle even with this simple concept.
With only these few changes you are already ahead of the crowd and on your way to a healthy lean body! In conclusion, if you are thinking of changing to a raw food diet, put a few of these changes into practice first and see if it is working for you.
The health benefits are outstanding, and changing to a raw food diet for 2-3 weeks is one thing, but it is not an easy task to switch to a raw food diet as a lifestyle.
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