How to Get Rid of a Sore

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    • 1). Clean the sore. If you have a sore on the surface of your skin, clean the spot as well as the surrounding area with some mild soap and fresh water.

    • 2). Swab the area with a medicated cream. After you've fully cleaned the area, spread a medicated cream containing an antibiotic on the sore. Look for a product with neomycin, a standard first aid antibiotic.

    • 3). Cover the sore with a sterile bandage. Depending on the size of the sore, you may only need to cover it with an adhesive bandage. But larger lesions often require sterile gauze. When dressing the sore, make sure that you don't apply the bandage or the gauze so tightly that it restricts blood flow.

    • 4). Remove the bandage each day and then clean, medicate and dress the wound again until you see an improvement in the sore. By following these steps, you should help heal the sore and avoid an infection.

    • 5). Stop dressing the sore when it begins to scab. After a time, the sore should scab over, decreasing the chances of an infection. Once this happens, allow the sore exposure to the air, as this often aids in healing. You may still want to clean and medicate the area, but bandaging is no longer necessary.

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