List Building - The Cold, Hard Truth About List Building

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Let me get something clear first before we start: If you don't have a list, you don't have leverage in Internet marketing.
You won't get any JV's, and without the list, you won't have serious leverage you can use to grow your list faster.
So before you try to do some JV's, go and build a list 'manually' first.
I'm afraid there is no shortcut in the beginning.
When you have a 1,000 subscribers list or a 2,000 subscribers list, you can start approaching other list owners to do ad swaps and this will grow your list at unprecedented speeds.
In just the last 2 weeks, I have added an extra 700+ subscribers and made an extra $300+ from One-Time Offer sales purely from ad swaps alone! I did a total of 5 ad swaps to achieve this.
It was a simple matter of swapping a few emails with other marketers.
So go out there and build a list first.
This will be a strong negotiating tool in joint ventures that will grow your business and your list at warp speeds.
Your list can be used to reciprocate by promoting for other marketers.
When other marketers know you have a list, they know you have the potential to make the sales for them or in some way help them benefit.
I have had many marketers approaching me to do joint ventures but they don't have anything to offer other than their product.
And sometimes the product isn't great either.
So go and build a list; that will give you leverage and you can do so many things once you have one.
The main thing though is to treat your subscribers like real people instead of people to make money from.
If your list is not responsive, it won't be a good list!
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