How to Convert a Chain Primary to a Belt in a Harley Davidson

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    • 1). Remove the magnetic drain plug with a wrench from underneath the outer primary chain case on the left-hand side of the motorcycle. Drain the fluid into a drain pan.

    • 2). Remove the 14 bolts that hold the primary chain case, inspection cover and clutch cover in place with an Allen wrench.

    • 3). Remove the clutch pulley assembly by removing the retaining clip, clutch pulley adjuster and clutch basket. Remove the retaining clip with a pick took and pull the pulley adjuster and basket out by hand. Remove the primary chain adjuster by loosening the bolt holding it in place with a wrench. Remove the compensating sprocket with a wrench and socket. Once you remove these units, the chain is removable by hand.

    • 4). Install the new support bearing and seal by greasing and inserting it in the inner primary chain case. Press the seal into place with a solid bar slightly smaller in diameter than the seal.

    • 5). Clean the inner primary chain case with a rag to ensure no foreign material enters the new pulleys or transmission oil.

    • 6). Apply Loctite to inside splines of the clutch hub.

    • 7). Install the new belt drive pulleys -- one is the new compensating sprocket pulley and the other is the new clutch pulley -- with the belt wrapped around the pulleys onto the clutch hub. Ensure the pulleys have adequate clearance inside the inner primary chain case.

    • 8). Rotate the compensating sprocket with a wrench and socket to ensure the belt tracks straight and not in towards the motor.

    • 9). Install and tighten the hub and compensating sprocket nuts with a torque wrench according to the torque specifications in your Harley-Davidson owner's manual.

    • 10

      Reinstall the outer primary chain case, inspection and clutch covers, gaskets and bolts -- with an Allen wrench. Refill the primary with transmission oil according to the owner's manual.

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