Staying Safe - Trampoline Rules to Live By

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Many have a very narrow opinion of what you can do with a trampoline.
Some seem to think it is only a kid's toy that can be used when you're young.
Others think that it's a tool for exercise and physical therapy, but not something that can be used recreationally.
It's important to remember that as much as the trampoline has been recommended as a health and weight loss device, it was originally created for entertainment and fun.
George Nissan invented the original trampoline back in the 1930's, and he got the idea from watching trapeze artists perform at the circus.
The most important thing to remember about trampoline parts, whether you're using them for fun or healthy exercise is that you have to use them responsibly.
This means that you have to establish some house rules for the trampoline that will help your children and friends to remember that they should never use the trampoline mat as a platform for horseplay.
Hundreds of thousands of people are injured on trampolines each year, and a large percentage of this statistic can be traced right back to irresponsible use.
The first rule that you need to establish when you set up your mini rebounder or full sized recreational trampoline is that it should never be used by more than one person at a time.
The basic physics of the trampoline dictate that the rebounding motion will gain strength the more you bounce and the harder you bounce.
You can imagine that when there are several bodies on the trampoline at once, the rebounding motion will be heavily compounded, and it could result in someone being accidentally launched off the platform.
Another reason that you should only jump with one person at a time is that it will increase the wear and tear on the trampoline springs.
Another rule that you must establish as soon as you set up your trampoline is that there should be a thorough inspection of all trampoline parts before each jumping session.
The only exception to this rule is when you are using a mini trampoline that is only going to be used indoors.
Outdoor trampolines must have the trampoline mat, springs, pads, and any enclosures inspected before each time that you use it.
Rain, sunlight, wind and dirt can cause these metal parts to erode and become damaged, and if you jump with compromised parts, you're likely to get an injury.
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