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Timothy hay is essential for pocket pets like guinea pigs,rabbits, and chinchillas, according to Doctors Foster & Smith. These pocket pets get some nourishment from the hay, although you must supplement it with pellets and fresh vegetables, and they wear down their continually-growing teeth by chewing the roughage. This helps reduce or eliminates the need for tooth trims. Timothy hay also provides dietary fiber to help keep your pocket pet's digestive system healthy. While timothy hay is best in its natural dried-grass state, you can buy it in several different forms for your pocket pet.

Regular Timothy Hay

Regular timothy hay is the standard form of this drief grass for rabbits, chinchillas, and guinea pigs. Hay lets your pocket pet forage as well as chew, which relieves boredom while providing nutrition. You can serve the hay loose or in convenient tubes. Either serving method gives you pocket pet a fun way to eat this foraging food for dinner.More »

Timothy Hay Cubes

Timothy hay cubes allow you to feed hay to your rabbit, chinchilla, or guinea pig in convenient pressed blocks. They take up less storage space than fresh hay and make less of a mess. Cubes are hard, which makes them good for keeping your pocket pet's teeth trimmed, but some animals don't like their consistency. Break them into smaller pieces or use regular hay if your pocket pet does not eat the timothy cubes.More »

Timothy Hay Pellets

Timothy hay pellets compress hay with other ingredients to provide a nutritionally complete diet for your rabbit, chinchilla, or guinea pig. The pellets don't take as much work to eat as loose hay in its natural form, so provide chew sticks and other appropriate toys to help your pocket pet keep its teeth properly ground down.More »

Timothy Hay Treats

How can you tempt your fussy pocket pet into eating timothy hay if she refuses the standard forms? Never fear, this healthy food comes in many treat forms like fruit-flavored bits, baked, and yogurt-dipped varieties. You can find a timothy hay-based treat to lure in just about any rabbit, chinchilla, or guinea pig.More »
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