Bush Cut 33 Points Bryant Burst Weird Fate Rocket Absent Escapement Lakers

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David Anderson came off the bench to contribute 19 points and six rebounds in the Rockets, Carl Landry scored 15 points and 10 rebounds, Budinger scored 11 points and six rebounds, Trevor Ariza feel bad only 12 voted 2 to get 9 points 8 rebounds. Lakers, Ron Artest scored 22 points and six rebounds, Andrew Bynum scored 21 points and 11 rebounds and five blocked shots, Bryant 5 of 20 shots to get 18 points, Shannon Brown 12 points off the bench in accordance with the latest news coming from the front, Bryant walked out because his body is injured, Phil Jackson said after the game, Bryant because of a groin injury leave treatment prematurely bad start small cloth lift rocket counterattack

The first section of the opening Ariza was Bynum layup capping, Hayes grabbed offensive rebounds while shooting. But Bynum and Kobe Bryant has jumper, inside and outside the flowering Artest chopped 5 points, the Lakers will soon start to play the Rockets forced 92 suspended. The game continues after a small cloth has been Artest steals, Kobe back fast-break dunks. In the Lakers continue closing down, the situation is very passive rocket mistakes constantly. After nearly four minutes of scoreless, small cloth and Scola hit a layup after another follow-up. Rockets changed tactics frequently break basket made good results, with the climax of a wave of 122 attack, the rocket will be sent out gradually to four points, including the first few small cloth slump scored 8 points. Lakers immediately counterattack continuous inside scoring, followed by a small cloth in assists Budinger long shot. After the end of first quarter, the Rockets 2329 state brave propped behind the Lakers inside Anderson

Second section open play in the basket Anderson hit two points, Lamar Odom jumper close respond. Inside height less than the Rockets really lose a lot, Lori Powell layup was blocked shots, a few blocks of the second quarter the Lakers started soon reached seven times. Anderson states brave jumper again, Landry layup to catch the score 2934. Landry three-point play, Ron Artest long shot fired back, Anderson immediately is a note in the cast succeeded. But the Rockets seem to lack a little strength to strike back, a few missed will be sent out to within four points of the opportunities. This section of the remaining 5 minutes 13 seconds, the rocket hit a jumper from the failure to seize the Lakers Anderson, the rocket will be sent out to 2 points, 1 minute Houelizha free throws to score the go-ahead. After the Lakers regain the lead, followed by another one-third of Anderson re-overtake. Since then the two sides turn up the score, ending the first half, the Lakers lead the Rockets only 5452 Bush even ignite the rocket H-13 points

Battier started the second half they took Ariza assists long shot, gave the first two rockets caused great trouble Artest with a fine cast difficult to contain. Shane foul quickly reached four times in the defensive Bryant was replaced, but it is difficult to pull the Lakers and Rockets points difference, anti-foul free throws by Ariza will score exceeded. Rockets committed a quick buck again deadlocked moment problems, Trevor Ariza and small cloth continuous perimeter blacksmith, the Lakers scored five points to rewrite the score 65 61. Then a small cloth breakthrough fouls in Fisher who hit 3 successful, followed by Fisher, who has played in a rare 31. Los Angeles Lakers Kobe Bryant back fast-break dunks by Ariza steals, 153 rockets hit spurt made 8 points ahead, including three three-pointers in a small cloth even taking 13 points. Although Ron Artest and Kobe Bryant Lakers tried to set off a counterattack, but the end of the third quarter 8073 Rocket remained steady leader Paul Rockets bench two leading

The Lakers are still floating in the fourth quarter unrepentant outside long shot, Anderson and his teammates after another jumper chopped 6 points lead Rockets quickly expanded to 12 points. Lakers pause after a dream awake, Cheng Wei basket Bynum led the Lakers offense and defense is superb counterattack. But this time the Rockets played very reasonable, Lori firmly breakthrough in Bynum who hit third, the Rockets firmly maintained a double-digit lead. Shannon Brown and Qiaodanfama continuous succeeded long shot, however, insist on playing the rocket hits, Landry three consecutive shots, the game 2 minutes remaining, the Rockets still maintain a leading edge in 9784. Anderson then grabbed a defensive rebound continuous, although Bynum foul free throws, however small cloth layup, Landry made two free throws to help the Rockets win.

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