How to Upgrade a 64Mb Graphics Card to 256Mb?

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    • 1). Look through the manual that came with your computer and locate the section about the graphics adapter card. Check to see if the graphics card connects to a PCI, PCI-Express or AGP card slot. Find and purchase a 256 Mb graphics card that connects to the same type of card slot.

    • 2). Turn the computer entirely off and take out the power cable from the back of the case. Remove all of the cables for the other connected devices, such as the keyboard, mouse and monitor. Set the entire case on its side so that the left side panel is facing up.

    • 3). Check to see if the side panel on the computer uses case screws, thumbscrews or a pull-out latch. Twist off the thumbscrews, pull up on the latch or remove the case screws on the top and bottom of the panel. Push down slightly on the panel and slide it off the case.

    • 4). Find the expansion cards on the bottom left side of the motherboard and locate the 64 Mb graphics card. Remove the screws holding the card to the case, and then pull the card directly up and out of its expansion slot.

    • 5). Push the 256 Mb replacement graphics card down into the slot. Re-attach the screws to hold it to the case. Place the side panel back onto the case and re-attach the screws, thumbscrews or latch. Plug the cables into the back of the case and power the computer back on. Wait for the computer to finish loading to ensure that the graphics card was installed properly.

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