Well How Can I Work Out What My Eating Habits Are and What They Mean, Am I a Food Addict?

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This piece of homework looks at what type of eating habits you have, your lifestyle and should help you to start to address any particular difficulties that you are facing. The points are general, and obviously not all will apply to you.

The questions are meant as a self-assessment and look at reasons why dieting may have created difficulties in the past.

Which is the sort of food experience that you really enjoy the most?

a) A big box of assorted wrapped chocolates in front of the TV
b) A treat visit to the local steak bar
c) A luxury meal at the new trendy TV chef's restaurant

How would you describe the way you eat most frequently, if left to your own choice

a) Any time anywhere, when the mood takes me
b) A big blow-out to really fill me up
c) Regular carefully planned meals

What is your favourite type of food?

a) Chocolate, sweets, bread, cake, biscuits, desserts
b) Roasts, curries, cottage pie, puddings
c) Mediterranean, Moroccan, Californian, Thai

When you have finished an eating session, how are you most likely to feel?

a) Guilty and depressed
b) Full up and comatose
c) Satisfied and happy

What is your attitude to eating a pre-packed convenience meal such as a frozen lasagne?

a) Fine, I eat them often
b) Not enough in them for my appetite
c) Would prefer not to eat that sort of food

Which most closely describes your lifestyle and attitude to preparing meals

a) I tend to spend as little time as possible preparing meals
b) I'd really rather someone else cooked the food
c) I really enjoy cooking

If someone gave you a boxed cake from the bakery how would you be most likely to eat it?

a) Non-stop, very quickly straight from the box
b) Save it for teatime and have a good big slice
c) Slowly and carefully, on fine bone china, savouring every mouthful

Do you ever eat walking along the street?

a) Yes often
b) Sometimes
c) Never

When you go on holiday, which of these most sums up your ideal food?

a) Street snacks, pub food, bar food and sweet treats
b) Places that serve food similar to what I eat at home or hotel food
c) Michelin Starred, or non touristy places where I can eat authentic local cuisine

If you shop for the weekly food, which things are you most likely to go for?

a) Quick, easy, filling, low cost
b) Repeat of last week's shop more or less
c) Anything that look s new and interesting

How often do you find yourself buying food when you hadn't planned to?

a) All the time
b) Sometimes
c) Hardly ever

When you buy a €treat€ food in what way will you be most likely to eat it?

a) Alone - I want it all to myself
b) As a reward for a task well done
c) With spouse or friends and a decent bottle of wine

Mostly A's
You probably are addicted to food, in as much as you are highly dependent upon it as a substitute for emotional fulfillment. You probably have a sweet tooth and may be a borderline compulsive eater. You have a love-hate relationship with food and are probably very overweight.
Mostly B's
You are not addicted to food as such, but you are a lover of food as fuel, with a strong traditional streak. You are frightened of feeling hungry and enjoy a full stomach. Your diet has probably been very high in fat, and therefore you are probably quite overweight
Mostly C's
You are a €foodie€ not a food addict. You really adore food and it probably figures a great deal in your everyday life, but you are in control. You love taste, texture, and novelty. You are probably only moderately overweight and any adjustments that you need to make should be manageable and long term changes should be sustainable

Best wishes,
Garth Delikan
The Lifestyle Guy - Personal Empowerment Coach
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