Why Buy Animal Traps?

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Animal traps come in all shapes and sizes.
Most people want to try to keep the animal from suffering any physical or emotion trauma so they prefer to use a humane style.
These types of traps are most often a cage with a trap door.
You place the appropriate bait inside , set it where you have seen the animal, then wait for it to trip the door and be confined.
You can then call a wildlife officer to remove the animal.
A common trap to catch raccoons and similar sized animals, is made of a durable wire mesh.
They usually have spring loaded front door to hold strong animals.
The rear doors are usually constructed so they can be used with a transfer cage, when the animal is ready to be released.
For feral or wild cats, the type of cage most normally used is about the same as for a raccoon.
To set a cat trap, you should place it where the cat normally eats.
Place it there about one hour before the animal usually shows up to eat, if you have been feeding it regularly.
If not, set the cage out about an hour before dark.
If you do catch a cat in an animal trap, you will need to call the SPCA or humane society to pick it up as soon as possible, so it's not exposed to long hours in the sun, rain, etc.
Although some of us think of squirrels as cute, they can be a real nuisance to home owners if they get into your house.
The best type of animal trap for catching squirrels, is one made from strong wire mesh.
Squirrels can chew through quite thick materials, as they have sharp teeth, so the stronger the cage, the better.
Most squirrel traps have a rear release door, so you can remove the animal without hurting it.
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