Dog Crate Beds Selection Made Easy

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Dogs will love to be in their crate if a proper dog crate bed is selected.
Dogs have an innate longing to be in a den environment.
It makes them feel safe and secure.
If you have a dog, you will tend to notice that they love to sleep under desks, tables or anything else they can find to cuddle up under.
If they cannot find a cozy location, they tend to curl up next to a wall.
They feel more secure than being out in the open in the middle of a room.
This is why choosing a comfortable crate bed that works for your dog's breed and temperament is important.
All dog crate beds are not created equal.
One type or brand is not necessarily better than another.
However, there are definite differences in bed materials (inside and out), thickness, quality and sizing variations.
Every manufacturer has a different set of standards that they believe makes for a quality dog bed.
Just because abed is expensive, does not mean that it is the best on the market to meet your dog's needs.
When making an online purchase, try to find a store that ships for free because these are heavy weight items.
Based on your dog's breed and temperament, there are many factors to consider when choosing the right dog crate bed for your dog: 1) Material (inside and out):Is the outer lining removable and machine washable and dryable?This is especially important if you have a drooly dog or one that sheds a lot.
Is the bed water or moisture resistant? Pay attention to the material itself.
Certain materials, such as Sherpa keeps dogs cool in warm weather and warm in cool weather.
Many pet owners do not realize that there are pet crate beds out there that have washable stuffing.
2) Dog Breed:A dog's breed should be considered when thinking about a bed's thickness.
Larger breeds mayhave a moredifficult time entering and exitingtheircrate with a thicker bed inside.
3) Dog Age: Younger dogs will have a tendency to chew on things.
Investing in an expensive bed for a young dog may end up being much more costly than expected.
Every owner needs to decide if it is better going with a less expensive dog crate bed for a younger dog.
Elderly dogs could benefit from an orthopedic dog bed or a bed that is level with the crate entrance.
4) Dog Temperament:A hyper dog will go threw many more beds than a calmer dog.
Temperament can be breed specific or age specific.
5) Crate Size:Be sure to measure the inside dimensions of the crate that the bed is intended to go inside.
Measure width, depth, and height of the entrance ledge.
Try to get the best fit without going large than the inside dimensions.
Also try to match the crate bed's thickness with the height of the entrance ledge for easiest entrance and exit.
6) Color:Many stylish dog owners definitely find it pleasing that there are so many color variations and designs available to match almost any decor.
Matching the decor of the room the is a plus.
This will help it blend in with the rest of the room.
7) Price:There are so many different brands of dog beds that come in different colors, sizes and prices.
Based upon the above factors and a dog owners taste, the price of your pet's bed should be considered.
Keep in mind that certain larger sizes are harder to find and may be more expensive.
The perfect dog crate bed can make for a cozy haven for your dog to snuggle up.
They do like the den-like environment for security.
Quality crate beds are easy to find if you pay attention to the above factors.
Your best friend will find their crate is not only a place to be put away for the night or when they misbehave but their own luxury condo!
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