Affiliate Project X - Revolutionary Internet Marketing or More of the Same?

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Anyone who has spent time searching the Internet knows that there are dozens, if not hundreds, of ways to make money selling information on the Internet.
Popular methods include creating Websites around Google AdSense advertising and selling informational products that you have created yourself.
A particularly popular way to make money is known as affiliate marketing, where one advertises an information product, or ebook, created by someone else.
If a customer purchases the product, the advertiser, or affiliate receives a commission in exchange for helping to facilitate the sale.
There are literally thousands of informational products that can be sold through affiliate marketing, and there are dozens of plans, methods, schemes and programs, also offered for sale, designed to help affiliates earn more money selling such products.
One of the most recent products in this line is a product known as Affiliate Project X.
This product is said to be the final word in affiliate marketing, suggesting that if you buy it, read it, and make use of its techniques, you can earn money selling affiliate products with minimal effort and investment.
Does Affiliate Project X deliver as promised? The answer is a definite "maybe.
"The ebook is well written and makes its case in fifty pages that do, indeed, contain a wealth of information.
The program does not deviate much from the basic affiliate program; you sign up as an affiliate with Clickbank, the online ebook merchant, and market one or more of the thousands of products offered for sale through that site.
The ebook offers six well thought out methods for selling products, each with clever names such as "The Leech" and "The Workhorse Method.
"Other affiliate marketing schemes often consist of nothing more than blatant attempts by the author to sell you more products.
The product is, in effect, simply a marketing brochure for other products.
That makes the author rich, but does little for the buyer.
Not so with Affiliate Project X.
The difference between Affiliate Project X and other such programs is not only the fact that the methods described actually work, but that some of them can actually be applied without spending any money at all.
It's nice to know that after you have spent the better part of $100 for a product that you can actually implement the ideas contained within it in less than 24 hours and do so without spending more money.
If implemented correctly, you can theoretically start earning money within a couple of days.
So, is Affiliate Project X the final word in affiliate marketing?If you are looking for a "magic" solution that will let you push a button and see cash coming in within a day or two with no effort on your part, then the answer is no.
This product, well-written and useful as it may be, is no different from any other good idea.
You have to do a bit of work to make it earn money for you.
But if you spend an hour or two with this ebook, give it a bit of thought and don't mind putting in a few days of hard work, then yes, it can earn money for you, and a lot of it, at that.
Affiliate Project X is like any other money making opportunity.
The ideas are there and presented well.
After that, the hard work is up to you, and you will get out of it what you put into it.
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