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Come to think of it, we spend one quarter of our lives sleeping on our bed.
So do take the trouble to get as comfortable as possible on that bed of yours.
Here are some tips for your bedroom.
When you are choosing a mattress, the most important thing to note is whether it is comfortable to lie on.
And the only way to know is to actually lie on the mattress and roll around on it for at least 10 minutes.
Secondly, when choosing the bed make sure you lie down on the bed too.
Make sure that your feet do not stick out of the bed.
I rather go for a longish bed than a wide bed.
Try not to put your bed in a corner.
Otherwise the occupant sleeping next to the wall will have a hard time getting off the bed.
He has to crawl on the bedbefore being able to step onto the floor.
Also don't position your bed facing your windows.
The sunlight will be pouring directly onto your eyes and disturbing your rest.
Even if you draw the curtain you can still see the glare and brightness of the sun behind the curtain.
Ideally the length of the bed should be positioned parallel to the window.
Are you exasperated by the loose bed sheets disrupting your beautiful sleep? Consider tying the excess bed sheet cloth at the corners of the bed when making the bed so as to prevent the bed sheet from slipping out due to excessive movement on the bed Is your wardrobe full and unwieldy? Consider putting away seldom worn clothes into separatestorage bins.
In this way, your wardrobe consists only of things which you need to access and wear daily.
It also makes it easier to keep and store freshly ironed clothes and choosing a particular outfit.
Lastly, go for a duvet rather than a comforter as it is easier to clean .
You can also slip on different duvet cover to match the new bed sheet or curtains.
Lastly, the duvet can be used as a substitute for a blanket too.
My last tip is to put on the mattress protector to protect your mattress against dirt, dust mites, liquids like urine and sweat and stains.
It will not only be more hygienic but will improve the lifespan of your mattress too.
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